The BETTER registry, directory of people living with type 1 diabetes in Canada

The BETTER Registry is open to all people living with type 1 diabetes in Canada and aims to measure the frequency and severity of hypoglycemic episodes as well as other aspects of living with type 1 diabetes.

Participants are invited to respond to questionnaires on an annual basis.

Inclusion criteria

• Anyone (adult or child) with type 1 diabetes

• Reside in Canada

Participating in the development of this registry is as simple as an online registration. If you (or your child) are living with type 1 diabetes in Canada, you can join the BETTER registry.

Your registration will give you a chance to win $500 and gain access to the online presentations (webinars) that the project offers on topics related to type 1 diabetes. Your participation is a way to contribute to the research of the Metabolic Diseases Research Unit.

To register

Please click on the following link : 


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