Dr. André Veillette Joins The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Dr. André Veillette Joins The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

The Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) welcomes the election of its researcher and immunologist, Dr. André Veillette, to the prestigious Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS). He is one of the outstanding individuals recognized for their excellence in the field of health sciences for the year 2022.

‘’The work of researchers is often done in the shadows, even though the benefits of these efforts percolate throughout society. This is why I am particularly pleased to see André Veillette receive this well-deserved recognition," said Dr. Jean-François Côté, Scientific Director and President of the IRCM.

Being elected as a member of the Academy is considered one of the highest honours for individuals in the Canadian health sciences community. It comes with a commitment to serve the Academy and to work for the future development of the health sciences, regardless of the member's discipline.

André Veillette, an overview

A leading researcher and media communicator on critical public health issues, Dr. André Veillette is Director of the Molecular Oncology Research Unit at the IRCM and a full professor-researcher in the Department of Medicine at the Université de Montréal.

Over the past  decades, André Veillette's laboratory has identified and characterized several molecules that play a crucial role in normal cellular physiology. Many of these molecules are directly or indirectly involved in the pathogenesis of leukemias, lymphomas and other types of malignancies. They have also been linked to the development of certain immunodeficiencies and represent potential targets for therapeutic immunosuppression for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and transplant rejection.

Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Veillette recently became the first Executive Director of the Terry Fox Research Institute's Marathon of Hope Cancer Center Network, which will open an office soon in Montreal.

Florence Meney
Director of communications, IRCM
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