The IRCM Foundation announces a $1 million donation from the National Bank to support the IRCM's Cellular and Molecular Medicine program

The IRCM Foundation announces a $1 million donation from the National Bank to support the IRCM's Cellular and Molecular Medicine program

The 2022-2023 cohort of the Molecular and Cellular Medicine (MCM) program.
From left to right: Lili Grieco St-Pierre, Noémie Desgranges, Jeremie Van Prooijen, Paary Balakumar and Kira Hafner.


The Montreal Clinical Research Institute Foundation is delighted to announce an exceptional $1 million donation from the National Bank, specifically dedicated to the IRCM's Cellular and Molecular Medicine program.

Announced today on the sidelines of the IRCM Foundation's annual cocktail party, which took place at the National Bank's head office in Montreal, this important donation particularly rejoices André Couillard, President of the IRCM Foundation. 

‘’I would like to warmly thank the National Bank for this donation, which I deem visionary. It requires an entire community to enable science to work on advances that will lead to cures, and these advances begin with the training of leading-edge scientists capable of immersing themselves in the medicine of tomorrow. That's exactly what this gift allows, by nurturing up-and-coming talents," he said.

‘’By mobilizing society and involving the business community in the creation of therapeutic solutions for the most debilitating diseases, through gestures such as this generous gift, we can accomplish great things," added Dr. Jean-François Côté, Scientific Director and President of the IRCM.

The National Bank leaders supporting the IRCM Foundation’s campaign emphasized the importance of supporting the Institute's mission.

‘’The IRCM offers an innovative model that brings in a single equation basic and clinical research, thereby accelerating the understanding of diseases and the identification of treatments. As a Board member of the Institute, I am proud to see that the National Bank long-standing support for the IRCM is continuing today," said Ghislain Parent, Senior Executive Vice-President, International Sector, National Bank and IRCM Board member.

‘’Supporting the IRCM Foundation means encouraging cutting-edge research. Ultimately, we are aiming for a positive impact on health and this objective reflects the Bank's mission to have a positive impact on people's lives," said Stéphane Achard, Senior Executive Vice-President and Co-Head of the Corporate and Private Banking sector at National Bank.

As society emerges from the pandemic, the urgency of pursuing the research and the clinical work on all human diseases proves stronger. The Cellular and Molecular Medicine program is part of this fundamental orientation. In collaboration with the Université de Montréal, the IRCM has developed the master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Medicine in order to train the next generation of scientists with a thorough knowledge of molecular biology and an acute awareness of the global vision of human diseases study, both in basic and clinical research. Students of the MCM program are recruited all the world and have a strong interest in pursuing a scientific.

The IRCM Foundation plays a valuable role in supporting and catalyzing research, and is currently rolling out its $25 million major campaign.

About the IRCM Foundation
The Montreal Clinical Research Institute Foundation is an indispensable partner for the IRCM. Thanks to committed individuals who care about the Institute's present and future, the Foundation fulfills its mission to support the Institute's research, technological development and training activities, thereby promoting its growth.

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