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Mar 03, 2022
From 4 PM to 5 PM


Basic and Clinical Oncology Seminar (BCO)

Basic and Clinical Oncology Seminar (BCO)

Immunoncology: Immune-related adverse events associated with checkpoint blockade

Wilson H. Miller, Jr, MD, PhD
Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research 
McGill University

Sonia del Rincón, PhD 
Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research
McGill University

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Dr. Wilson H. Miller, Jr. is a physician-scientist in medical oncology at the Jewish General Hospital of McGill University. Dr. Miller holds the Distinguished James McGill Professorship in the Departments of Oncology and Medicine at McGill University. He is the Associate Director of the Lady Davis Institute, Deputy Director of the Segal Cancer Center. Dr. Miller’s laboratory at the Lady Davis Institute investigates molecular mechanisms underlying breast cancer and melanoma, with a focus on the development of novel targeted and immunological therapies. Dr. Miller is also the Director of Phase 1 studies at McGill where he has had a leading role in the development of immuno-oncology. Dr. Miller spearheaded the implementation of a multi-hospital disease site program and promoted collaboration between clinical trials throughout the network. 

Dr. Sonia del Rincón is a principal investigator in the Cancer Axis at the Lady Davis Institute-Segal Cancer Centre, McGill University. Dr. del Rincón is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Oncology at McGill University. Dr. del Rincón’s lab is interested in understanding the role of the MNK1/2-eIF4E axis in melanoma. Dr. del Rincón’s recent research interests are focused on using kinase inhibitors to potentially thwart the toxicities associated with immune checkpoint blockade therapies, while maintaining their robust anti-tumor efficacy. Her lab is currently funded via the Cole Foundation, CIHR, CRS, and CCSRI.

The Basic and Clinical Oncology Seminar Series (BCO) is a joint initiative by the IRCM and LDI institutes in Montreal. These monthly seminars will feature a clinical (MD or MD/PhD) and a basic scientist (PhD) speaker, both working on the same cancer or theme. The goal is to create a dialogue between those at the bench and their peers at the bedside. The long-term goal is to initiate and expedite collaborations like sharing samples and exchanging expertise. Each seminar is made of two talks, each for 15 minutes and 5 minutes of questions. The remaining 10 minutes is for open discussion.


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