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Jul 05, 2022

Location QCCanada

Cap Campus

Cap Campus

30 high school students were able to join us for the Cap Campus project at the Université de Montréal. Activities, including a laboratory visit, were organized by our volunteers, including Aléhandra Desjardins from the IRCM.

Formerly known as SEUR, Cap Campus aims to open the horizons of high school students, all to prepare them to meet the ever-changing societal needs, especially in the field of scientific research. 


  • To help high school students discover different educational and career opportunities that will lead them to look forward to their future with optimism and to surpass themselves.
  • To encourage students to stay in school.
  • To promote equal opportunity in access to university studies.


  • Equal opportunity: we act to increase access to university for everyone, regardless of family background, social fabric or cultural context. Each of our actions is aimed at inspiring and supporting young people so that they can better understand themselves, stay motivated at school and choose a career path that matches their aspirations.
  • Respect: we recognize the tastes and choices of each individual. This is why we value the diversity of our team, volunteers and students. We promote the inclusion of all.
  • Commitment: the voluntary participation of students and volunteers, as well as the mobilization of the university community, schools, partner organizations and businesses, enriches a common action in support of student retention and the training of tomorrow's future.
  • Sharing: we encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience between students and the student community in order to identify and limit the obstacles that hinder access to education.
  • Enjoyment: involvement must be fun for both students and volunteers (university community, partners) so that the university becomes a place of fulfillment.


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