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May 30, 2022
From 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Location QCCanada

Carla Rothlin

Carla Rothlin

Principles of resolving and non-resolving inflammation 

Carla Rothlin PhD
Dorys McConnell Duberg Professor of Immunobiology 
Professor of Pharmacology
Yale School of Medicine
New Haven, CT, USA

This conference is organized by Jean-François Coté. It is part of the 2021-2022 IRCM conference calendar.

In person: 
IRCM Auditorium
110, avenue des Pins O, H2W 1R7 Montreal
Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times

Zoom Link :
ID : 952 6976 2104
Code : 476372

IRCM conferences are set to occur under a hybrid format. However, please note that last-minute changes to online-only lectures may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. We invite you to visit this webpage again a few days before attending.

About the conference:
Cell death is an invariant feature throughout our lifespan, starting with extensive scheduled cell death during morphogenesis and continuing with death under homeostasis in adult tissues. Additionally, cells become victims of accidental, unscheduled death following injury and infection. Cell death in each of these occasions triggers specific and specialized responses in the living cells that surround them or are attracted to the dying/dead cells. These responses sculpt tissues during morphogenesis, replenish lost cells in homeostasis to maintain tissue/system function, and repair damaged tissues after injury. Wherein lies the information that sets in motion the cascade of effector responses culminating in remodeling, renewal or repair? I will attempt to provide a framework for thinking about cell death in terms of the specific effector responses that accompanies various modalities of cell death. I will discuss an integrated three-fold “cell death code” consisting of information intrinsic to the dying/dead cell, the surroundings of the dying cell and the identity of the responder. I will propose that this can provide a foundation for the prediction of resolving and non-resolving inflammation. 

About Carla Rothlin:
Dr. Carla V. Rothlin is the Dorys McConnell Duberg Professor of Immunobiology and Pharmacology in the Department of Immunobiology at Yale School of Medicine. There, she co-leads a research team with Dr. Sourav Ghosh to study how cell death and clearance signal for specific effector immune responses during morphogenesis, tissue renewal for homeostasis or wound repair after an injury. Her discoveries have led to publications in respected peer-reviewed journals such as Nature Immunology, Immunity and PLoS Pathogens. Highly regarded for her expertise, Dr. Rothlin was one of the 25 investigators selected in 2019 for commenting on the future of immunology for Immunity’s 25th year edition. She also co-founded Global Immunotalks, a weekly series of lectures by world-renowned immunologists, given on Zoom to a global audience and posted on YouTube for perennity.  

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