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Dec 12, 2022
From 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Location QCCanada
IRCM Conference

Julie Segre

Julie Segre

Microbiome Genomic Analyses to find friends and foes

Julie Segre, PhD
Chief and Senior Investigator
Microbial Genomics Section
National Human Genome Research Institute
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD, USA

This conference is hosted by Emilia Liana Falcone, MD, PhD. This conference is part of the 2022-2023 IRCM conference calendar.

In person: 
IRCM Auditorium
110, avenue des Pins O, H2W 1R7 Montreal
Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times

Zoom Link :
ID : 952 6976 2104
Code : 476372

IRCM conferences are set to occur under a hybrid format. However, please note that last-minute changes to online-only lectures may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. We invite you to visit this webpage again a few days before attending.

About this conference: 
The varied topography of human skin offers a unique opportunity to study how the body’s microenvironments influence the functional and taxonomic composition of microbial communities. However, the paucity of commensal microbial genomes has limited our ability to comprehensively interpret the structure and function of these communities. We combined extensive culturing and co-assembly of shotgun metagenomic datasets spanning multiple body sites of multiple individuals to elucidate novel constituents, structure and functions of the human skin microbiome.
Candida auris is an emerging multi-drug resistant fungal pathogen. C. auris skin colonization results in environmental shedding, which underlies hospital transmissions, and predisposes patients to subsequent infections. Combining culturing and skin microbiome sequencing of an outbreak at a high-acuity long term care facility provided novel insight into prevalence and site tropism for C. auris colonization. Advanced genomic analyses empowered the characterization of the spread of C. auris and ESKAPE pathogens within the facility.

About Julie Segre:
Dr. Julie Segre is a Senior Investigator at the National Human Genome Research Institute, where she leads the Microbial Genomics Section and is Chief of the ‘Translational and Functional Genomics’ Branch. Her highly productive research program studies the skin microbiome and nosocomial transmission of microbial pathogens. In addition to her position at the NIH, Dr. Segre served as Assistant Director for Health and Life Sciences within the Office of Science Technology and Policy, at the U.S. White House. She has played a leadership role in developing the National Biodefense Strategy and America’s Pandemic Preparedness Plan.


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