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Dec 20, 2022
From 11 AM to 12 PM

Location QCCanada
Special Conference

Samir Merabet

Samir Merabet

Deciphering protein interaction networks in human live cells

Samir Merabet, PhD

Ontogenesis and molecular interactions
Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon, France

This speaker is a guest of Dr Jacques Drouin.

In person: 
IRCM Auditorium
110, avenue des Pins O, H2W 1R7 Montreal
Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times

About this conference: 
Biological pathways rely on the formation of intricate protein interaction networks called interactomes. Getting a comprehensive map of interactomes implies developing tools that allow capturing transient and low affinity protein-protein interactions (PPIs) in live conditions. During my talk I will present several experimental strategies that have been developed in our lab for the large-scale capture of interactomes and analysis of PPI dynamics in human live cells. More precisely, we developed a patented strategy based on BiFC (Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation) for performing ORFeome-wide capture of HOX- and ERK partners in human live cell contexts. We also developed a novel approach coupling BiFC and the biotin ligase TurboID for capturing endogenous cofactors of specific dimeric protein complexes expressed in different cell compartments. Finally, we established the splitFAST system for testing the ability of chemical molecules in disrupting the formation of oncogenic protein complexes. Together these tools provide unprecedented resolution of the dynamics and complexity of specific interactomes in live cell contexts.

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