Faces of the IRCM – Victor Sanchez

Faces of the IRCM – Victor Sanchez

Victor Sanchez, Purchasing and Logistics Coordinator
In his element, 5662 times rather than one


NB: This series of encounters highlights the diversity of the members of the IRCM community, the variety of their expertise and the depth of their commitment to their respective roles

In front of his computer screen, in his pristine office, Victor Sanchez, with his affable smile but optimum concentration, looks like an air-traffic controller. Five days a week, and sometimes more, the numbers scroll by under his keen eye.

For, as a coordinator of purchasing and logistics at the IRCM, Victor Sanchez manages and orders all that comes in and out of the Institute's walls. Lab and core facilities materials, equipment for the administration, foodstock for the cafeteria, and more... An important role for an institution that concentrates over 30 laboratories, in addition to its clinic, and all the infrastructure that supports these activities.

‘’The fiscal year isn't over yet, but we are already up to 5662 orders which amount to about 26 orders a day, at the very least.’’

These orders require meticulous follow-up, often involving interaction with customs authorities.

‘’We bring in quite a lot of equipment from abroad, and sometimes customs have questions. So, there are detailed formalities to be completed. In the morning, I check the order board, and off we go for the day.’’

It's a busy day; but far from complaining, Victor is delighted to collaborate with so many people at IRCM, not least of all the laboratories. You can tell Victor is in his element.

Reporting to Benoit Papineau, Director of Finance, Victor now works with two people who support him in his task.

 He has been at IRCM for three years and emphasizes how much the Institute has enabled him to grow.

‘’It's an environment where people are very open and friendly. Really, since I have arrived in Canada, for me, this has been the best!’’

It has to be said that kindness is a two-way street. And this holder of an industrial engineering bachelor's degree and of an MBA from California offers his colleagues both friendly and competent attention. Having spent ten years working with Volkswagen and then Bombardier, Victor has come to understand the unique DNA of the IRCM, and to feel at home there, as part of its extended family of which he is a valued member.
Thank you, Victor, for being such an attentive and efficient collaborator!

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