Faces of the IRCM - Louise Joly

Faces of the IRCM - Louise Joly

Louise Joly, Security Officer
25 years in uniform, and the passion of the first day

NB: This series of encounters highlights the diversity of the members of the IRCM community, the variety of their expertise and the depth of their commitment to their respective roles.

Everyone here knows this small, blonde, friendly and lively woman who greets us, always welcoming, at the security booth or at the main hall post. Louise Joly is without a doubt an important face of the IRCM, and has been for a quarter of a century. 

‘’I started out part-time, and then very quickly I went full-time for good, and I've never left.’’

Early in her career at IRCM, she mastered the ropes of a challenging job.

Being a security officer at the IRCM means being the Institute's first ambassador for visitors and all those who come through its doors. It means ensuring the safety of the premises and the members of the community, while offering a welcoming face to those who enter our Institute, but also to the neighbourhood. Combining natural authority and interpersonal skills in all circumstances.

‘’The human factor is undeniably an important part of my job. You have to remain polite, civilized, even when the situation is more complicated. Honestly, I've never had a problem. You shouldn't bring your personal problems to work, either.’’

On the contrary, Louise, like her valued security colleagues, makes a point of being helpful, accompanying some of the more fragile patients, directing visitors, helping to greet dignitaries.  Her role, which requires a great deal of tact, leads her to do her utmost to understand the other person, and to adapt to each person's style.

‘’People at IRCM are sociable. Sometimes the newcomers are more reserved. At first, they don't say hello. Then we become more familiar, and I get some nice smiles.’’

She makes no secret of the fact that she and her colleagues missed those smiles during the long months of the pandemic. She rejoices in the renewed life that accompanies the start of the fall, drawing as always positive energy from the interaction with others. It is this human richness that is so inherent to the IRCM that has allowed her to overcome more difficult times, and that ensures that her passion for her work remains intact today.

‘’People ask me why I don't retire. But what would I do at home? I still like to show up to work. Getting up at 3 a.m. and arriving at 5 a.m. is not a chore, not at all!’’

One of the great things about this job is the strong, close-knit team, including her managers, whose proximity and competence she praises. Louise and her team are committed to passing on this way of doing things well and welcoming members of the community to new recruits.  This bodes well for all of us and for the future of our Institute.

Thank you, Louise, for being with us every day!

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