RNA-Based Medicine: A Promising Partnership with RNA T&T

RNA-Based Medicine: A Promising Partnership with RNA T&T

From left to right: Mr. Claude Leduc, President and CEO (RNA T&T), Dr Nadia Dubé, Vice-President, Development and Administration (IRCM) and Dr Jean-François Côté, President and Scientific Director (IRCM)


The Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) is delighted to welcome in its walls RNA Technologies & Therapeutics (RNA T&T), with whom it will officially launch three promising joint projects in RNA therapeutics for the benefit of the population’s health.

The advent of RNA-based therapies is raising great hopes for personalized medicine, because of their high potential to generate effective solutions to a variety of serious diseases such as certain cancers, as well as rare and degenerative diseases. At the forefront of this field, the IRCM, which launched the Sidney-Altman RNA Therapeutics Hub last year, is developing the curative potential of this approach on several fronts.

Together with RNA T&T, the projects launched will test the efficacy of innovative approaches to major diseases such as cancer and diabetes. 

I look forward to our scientists working with RNA T&T to one day make available new medicines that will reverse disease. The future lies in precision medicine, and the IRCM is fully embracing new avenues such as RNA-based therapies,” said Dr. Jean-François Côté, President and Scientific Director of the IRCM.

Projects announced in collaboration with RNA T&T:

  • Evaluating the efficacy of extracellular vesicles for therapeutic delivery of modified mRNA to enhance treatment efficacy - Laboratory of Dr. Eric Lécuyer
  • Developing a novel RNA-based therapeutic approach for acute myeloid leukemia - Laboratory of Dr. Tarik Möröy 
  • mRNA-based therapies targeting pancreatic beta cells to treat diabetes - Laboratories of Dr. Jennifer Estall and Dr. Martin Sauvageau
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