National Nursing Week 2023

National Nursing Week 2023

Tina Lee, Nursing Assistant in the IRCM clinic
A passion, time four

National Nursing Week celebrates the critical role of the profession in our society through the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. This mythical figure, who embodies the excellence of the profession, was instrumental in bringing the profession to the forefront of the health care system and society (even though many individuals before her have contributed). Following this pioneer, professional theorists have established the metaparadigm or purpose of the discipline at the heart of nursing around four central concepts: care, person, health, environment.

We asked Tina Lee, a nursing assistant at IRCM, to explain how these concepts are reflected in her practice at the IRCM clinic.

Care: ‘’I always work to make the person feel good, whether it's technical care, psychological care. To make sure that the person leaves feeling better than when they arrived here, to take them further in their well-being.’’

The person: ‘’We call them beneficiaries, patients, sometimes clients, sometimes in research we talk about volunteers or subjects, but for me, they are human beings, unique individuals. Each person we welcome here deserves respect and attention.’’

Health: ‘’For me, health is a global concept, it links physical health and mental health, social health, everything that makes a person healthy overall. We often limit ourselves to thinking in terms of physical health, but all spheres are important. On a personal level, as a caregiver, I feel blessed to be dealing with people whose lives have just changed when they receive a diagnosis. I accompany them in this new reality, and one can only be empathetic, and it changes me. After sixteen years in the profession, I have heard all kinds of experiences. You have to be mentally prepared to receive all of this.’’

The environment: ‘’Here at IRCM, we have a really good team. Everyone is extremely professional and knows what he or she has to do, I am often amazed by the level of knowledge that colleagues and doctors have, at a level I never experienced before my career. I have learned a lot in the nine months since I arrived. The IRCM is such a great place to work!’’

Thank you, Tina, and happy Nursing Week to you and all your colleagues!

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