Women in Science: In Their Own Words

Women in Science: In Their Own Words

“My quest for this knowledge led me to an exciting job in research where I can fully commit myself. The days are never the same, the projects evolve and we develop knowledge. What more could you ask for a person who is naturally curious!”
Monica Pata, Research Assistant

“We choose science because we are curious, because we want to understand the mechanisms of life and nature. That said, as in all areas, as a woman, we will go through pitfalls during our journey. Fortunately, the world is moving in the right direction.” 
Judith Cotton-Montpetit, Director of the Technical Platforms

“The most satisfying aspect is knowing that my work and that of my colleagues at the animal facility contributes to advancing the projects of the researchers at the Institute.”
Manon Laprise, Technician in Animal Health

“I am as excited about the advancement of science, as I am in supporting the students who collaborate with our team to become the next generation of scientists. To all the young women who enjoy teamwork, interacting with people from all over the world, and who are looking for a young and stimulating work environment, academic research may be for you!”
Christine Jolicoeur, Research Assistant

“Science is a fascinating and stimulating field and where each day brings its share of surprises and discoveries. It is very rewarding to be part of the large scientific community and to be able to bring our little stone to the building. To young women who would like to enter the field of science, My advice is to trust your instincts, constantly feed your curiosity and above all, don't be afraid to make mistakes, because it's often how we learn the most!”
Karine Lagacé, Research Assistant

“Basic research has always fascinated me because it allows us to understand and demystify the functioning of the human body. As a research assistant, in addition to carrying out stimulating projects in the lab, I am also privileged to help students move forward in their studies. As a woman, I chose to make this passion my career.”
Marie-Pier Thibault, Research Assistant

“I find my work fascinating, because I find myself at the beginning of basic research which is itself the foundation of scientific discoveries and advancements in health. It is very gratifying to know that I contribute in a way in many of these advances.”
Vivianne Beaulieu, Project Manager in Animal Health

“I am proud to work in an environment that mixes rigor, sharing, mutual aid, pleasure and benevolence, as well was the right to make mistakes and opportunities to learn from exceptional mentors.” 
Mirna El-Hallak, Biosafety, Radiation Protection and WHMIS Advisor

“In the face of obstacles, I listened to the little voice inside, and remembered what brings me joy and moves me forward. My advice to future young female researchers is to do the same. Despite its ups and downs, no other career would have brought me such a sense of pride and accomplishment.”
Dr. May Faraj, Director of the Nutrition, Lipoproteins and Cardiometabolic Diseases Research Unit

“I know there are still challenges for women in science, but personally seeing these examples of bravery and success made the difference for me, making me hopeful for the future.”
Dr. Jennifer Estall, Director of the Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetes Research Unit

“Basically, I am passionate about research, and research is my daily life. So that's enough to keep me motivated, despite the pitfalls. You have to go with your heart. ”
Dr. Marie Kmita, Director of the Genetics and Development Research Unit

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