Vitamin K-dependent proteins and osteoblast functions

Postdoctoral Fellow Position
Vitamin K-dependent proteins and osteoblast functions

Research project: Vitamin K is an essential micronutrient and the co-factor of the gamma-glutamylcarboxylase, an enzyme modifying specific proteins within the secretory pathway. Our laboratory is studying this post-translational modification in normal physiology and in diseases, including diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer. 

The current project will focus on understanding how bone mass is regulated by vitamin K-dependent carboxylated proteins using biochemical, cellular and molecular biology approaches, as well as conditional knockout mouse models to study the function of gamma-carboxylation in vivo in bone. We are also developing proteomics approaches to identify novel gamma-carboxylated proteins implicated in the regulation of bone mass. Our lab has all the expertise and technical resources required to successfully pursue this project, which was recently funded by a 5 years grant from the CIHR. 

To pursue this project, we are looking to recruit 1 postdoctoral fellow with a PhD degree in biochemistry or molecular biology (or equivalent), and with relevant experience in bone biology, osteoblast/osteoclast cell culture and/or proteomic approaches. We are particularly looking for candidates who are highly motivated, autonomous, well organized, enthusiastic and determined to pursue a career in research.

The lab: Established in 2013, the Ferron lab is currently composed of 1 research associate and 3 PhD students. The team will expend in the upcoming year since we recently obtained additional funding. This is a great opportunity to join a very dynamic team (>30 publications in past 8 years)! Our laboratory is located in the Montreal Clinical Research Institute, one of the best biomedical research institutions in Canada, located in downtown Montreal. Lab web site

Interested candidate should send CV and motivation letters to Dr. Mathieu Ferron:

Recent publications from our group (members of the team are underlined):
1. Al Rifai, O., Julien, C., Lacombe, J., Faubert, D., Lira-Navarrete, E., Narimatsu, Y., J., L., Clausen, H., Ferron, M.*. The half-life of the bone-derived hormone osteocalcin is regulated through O-glycosylation in mice, but not in humans. eLife. 2020. 9:e61174. 
2. Lacombe, J., Rishavy, M.A., Berkner, K.L., Ferron, M*. VKOR paralog VKORC1L1 supports vitamin K-dependent protein carboxylation in vivo. JCI Insight. 2018, 3(1): e96501. 
3. Al Rifai, O., Chow, J., Lacombe, J., Julien, C., Faubert, D., Susan-Resiga, D., Essalmani, R., Creemers, J.W., Seidah, N.G., Ferron, M*. Proprotein convertase furin regulates osteocalcin and bone endocrine function. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2017, 127(11), 4104-4117. 

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