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Dec 05, 2022
From 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Location QCCanada
IRCM Conference

Marjorie Brand

Marjorie Brand

Cell fate decisions in hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis

Marjorie Brand, PhD
Department of Medicine
Ottawa University

Senior Scientist
Sprott Center for Stem Cell Research
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Marjorie Brand Lab

This conference is hosted by Mohan Malleshaiah. This conference is part of the 2022-2023 IRCM conference calendar.

In person: 
IRCM Auditorium
110, avenue des Pins O, H2W 1R7 Montreal
Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times

Zoom Link :
ID : 952 6976 2104
Code : 476372

IRCM conferences are set to occur under a hybrid format. However, please note that last-minute changes to online-only lectures may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. We invite you to visit this webpage again a few days before attending.

About this conference: 
T cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemias (T-ALLs) are aggressive hematological tumors caused by the aberrant expression of a subset of transcription factors in T cell progenitors. Whilst transgenic mice studies have established the causative role of oncogenic TFs in driving leukemia, the mechanism through which these proteins contribute to disease remains unclear.

In this presentation, I will show our latest results combining single cell genomic and proteomic approaches in time-course experiments across diverse stages of disease progression. These experiments identified leukemia-initiating cells in T-ALL, and revealed the trajectory taken by pre-leukemic cells that gradually progress along the path to become fully transformed blasts. Furthermore, I will show evidence that ectopically expressed transcription factor TLX1 mediates leukemia transformation through disruption of genome topology.

About Marjorie Brand:
Dr. Marjorie Brand is a Senior Scientist at the Sprott Center for Stem Cell Research, within the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, and a Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. Her research, supported by grants from CIHR and the NIH, aims to decipher the mechanisms controlling hematopoietic stem cell differentiation in order to understand how deregulation of this process causes leukemia. Her discoveries have been published in high calibre journals such as Blood, Cell Stem Cell, Molecular Cell, etc.

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